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Meet our Board Members

Hi There. We are your PTO Board of Directors and it is our job to make sure that this PTO does everything it can to help Hill Valley. If you have any feedback or questions for us, please drop us a note or get in touch with us!

Lorraine McFly President

LorraineMcFly“I just love being at the school. Makes me feel like a kid again.”

Principal Strickland Vice President

strickland-500“I’m happy to be included in the direction of this school.”

Jennifer Parker Internet Communications

jennifer-parker“I’ve got a lot of great memories at this school, now it’s time to pay it forward. To the Future.”

Sally Baines Treasurer

sally-baines“Someone asked me and I said Yes. Here I am. Let’s do this!”

Red Thomas Secretary

red-thomas“I learned to read and write at school, figure I can give back a little bit now. “